Friday, August 27, 2010

THE HUNT: Iron and the Maiden 3

Iron and the Maiden was a comic book published by Aspen Comics in 2007 as its first creator-owned title. It was  a four-issue mini-series that was later followed by a one shot. There was also an Iron and the Maiden #0. Written by creator Jason Rubin and pencilled by Francis Manapul, the story revolved around 2 main characters: a sexy young lady out to avenge her father's death and a juiced-up ex-Mafia goon who is out for revenge on the same Mafia he considered his family . It is set in a city in the 1930's, in an alternate universe where the government  is corrupt and the Mafia rules ( hmmmm sounds familiar?). Covers were done by Manapul, but some variants featured artwork by Jeff Matsuda and the late Michael Turner. A trade paperback was released in May of this year.

By the way, the series has since been renamed The Iron Saint, after a brouhaha with British rock group Iron Maiden. 

I already have issues 0, 1, 2, and 4. The first issue I got my hands on was issue #1, which I  got at the Komikon in UP last summer inside one of the 20 pesos bins of Comic Odyssey. This particular issue has proven quite elusive. I've been to cons and comic book stores and even on Ebay, but I still have no luck of finding this one. 

Ive seen some on Ebay as part of a set, and there have been some singles, but all are from abroad so that means the shipping is going to be killer. I would very much prefer to order locally, but the local sites seem to be without any listing for this one. I hope some kind soul out there reads this and takes pity on me and sell me his copy( on the cheap). Until then, the hunt continues!