Friday, August 27, 2010

WHAT?! No Cyke and Jean in X-men: First Class?!?!

Film takes place in the 60's.... shows how Xavier and Magneto met..... costumes will be comic-bookish.. no Cyclops and Jean Grey... Kevin Bacon and Janua....wait.. Whut?! No Cyclops and Jean Grey in X-men: First Class?? 

Please tell me you're joking.

I'm fine with it being set in the 60's. It's a prequel after all. Comic bookish costumes-- I'm down with that. I'm even okay with a female Angel. What I don't get though is why Scott and Jean are being left out of the movie. Everybody knows they were the first students of Prof. X! How will this be X-men: First Class then, if those two aren't included?

The article that brought on this rant says "There are some characters that have not been announced yet." I hope that that line means Scott and Jean are still part of the team, and that this story is just one of their decoys to keep key details about the movie under wraps. Because if it weren't, then that would major, major suck.