Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Makes Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Awesome?

Awesomeness #1 : JEAN GREY WILL BE A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!!She wears the green Phoenix costume but also transforms into the Dark Phoenix. How awesome is that?!

Awesomeness #2 : STORM IS A BAD-ASS!!! I know, I know. She has been used in other games, but I think this one is her best video game incarnation yet. Check her out in action:

Too bad I don't own an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. I hope this comes out on PSP so I can get myself a copy. Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds is scheduled for release this February.

BACKLOG BLUES: X-Men First Class : Finals 3 & 4

I have a ton of backlogged post that I should be working on. And this is one of them. This post should have been finished and posted back in September.

I treated myself to a movie Friday last week. I watched Phobia 2, a horror movie from Thailand, at one of the cinemas in SM City North Edsa. Since I had time to kill before the movie started, I decide to check out the comic book shops in the mall.

X-Men First Class Finals # 3 and 4

I found these in Comic Quest in SM City North Edsa, in their SALE pile. I got each for only Php 50.00! While I'm no expert, I'd say the condition is Fine to Very Fine. There are just a couple of creases on the spine and no other signs of damage on the books. I already have # 1, so all I need to complete this four-part mini is this:

X-Men First Class: Finals #2

All four covers fit together to form one big picture. X-men First Class : Finals is the last volume of the X-men First Class series with the five original X-men before it was replaced with Uncanny X-men First Class.

[ All four covers: Giant Killer Squid]

Goodbye Wizard; Hello Wizard World!

My only issue of Wizard 

The net is abuzz with news that our favorite industry magazine is closing down. Bleeding Cool and Newsarama both report that Wizard Magazine and sister mag Toyfare are ceasing publication immediately. But according to a statement released by Wizard World Inc., they're coming out with a new magazine in digital format, called "Wizard World" this February.

[Image from Comicvine. See more Wizard covers here.]