Friday, May 7, 2010


Now that I've shared my experience at this year's UP Summer Komikon, Let me now share with you my loot! Let me start with the local comics. I got myself Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer #3; Jay David's Kubori Kikiam Komikon exclusive, where it was Kikiams against Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls; and Taga-ilog's Pasig. All signed by their respective artists, of course!

From the indie Tiangge I got Lucia, whose cover art I just love; and Juan Masipag/Juan Tamad.I was hoping to get Aswang Files #2, but I wasn't able to because the seller was late. Maybe at the next con. I also picked up an issue of Mangaholix.

The bulk of my purchase was US comics, the majority of which came from Comic Odyssey's booth. These were all from the PHP 20.00 boxes that everyone raced to get their hands inside. I got Superman/WonderWoman "Whom Gods Destroy" Book One; X-men Phoenix Endsong 1& 2; Crimson Dawn 2&4; Fathom Vol 2 1-4; Mighty Avengers 22, House of M 1,4&5; Supergirl 20 (an Amazon's Attack tie-in), Amazon's Attack 3&5; Xtreme X-men In the Savagelands 2; Spin Angels 4; Soul Fire "Dying Of The Light" 0 & 1; Tomb of Dracula 1; Aria 3; Black Widow Deadly Origin1; New X-men Academy 4, 7,8; X-men 36 & 37 (regular cover),and Iron and the Maiden 1.

 What's so great is that for every 5 comics I bought, I got another one for free! From another booth, I got WonderWoman 223- because I thought it was a tie-in with Amazon's Attack. Turns out it wasn't; and X-men First Class 6. Bothe were PHP 50.00 each.

Some of these titles are already on my list like House of M, Tomb of Dracula and Aria to name a few; some are new titles I picked up like Black Widow Deadly Origin and the Superman/WonderWoman book. Getting these issues brought me closer to completing some titles, making my list shorter, yet at the same time longer because of the new titles I picked up. I guess it never ends.