Monday, May 24, 2010

New Pulls From The 20 Pesos Bin

I was at Market Market last Saturday killing time so I decided to check out one of my favorite comic book stores, Comics N' Stuff. Comic's N' Stuff is a sister store of Comic Odyssey, another favorite store of mine. I love this place because their 20 peso bins are back issue gold mines!

While browsing through the bins, I saw quite a few issues that I almost picked up, but then decided to drop after giving it some thought. There was a Wildcats Vol.1 #4, which I already had in my collection so I don't know why I even thought of buying one. Plus a couple of superman titles, X-man issues- whose covers were painted and looked amazing-- and a few others I can't remember now. After going through all the bins I had 10 comics in hand, but chose to buy only 2. I picked up a Fathom Prelude #1 with a Michael Turner cover and a Red Sonja #0.

Fathom Prelude #1 is set back in the 80's and tells the story of a young Aspen Matthews as she competes in the Olympics as part of the US women's swim team. An incident at the the games marks the end of her swimming career, but paves the way for her love of the deep ocean.

Red Sonja is well Red Sonja. Sexy read head in a two piece chain mail. Need I say more?

And that's my weekend pull.