Friday, May 7, 2010

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY At Comic Odyssey Report

Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey was a success! I arrived at around 10 A.M, just as Robinson's Galleria opened, and when I got upstairs there was already a line that reached Saizen.

free comic book day 2010 @ comic odyssey

I was hoping to get first in line to get the free comics, but surprise-surprise, every other comic fan had the same idea.

Comic Odyssey gave out three free comics for each person, as well as other free stuff like book marks and lollipops as well as, I believe, a goody bag of comics for a certain number of people. There was a raffle draw held every thirty minutes since they started where they gave out fantastic prizes.

The store was packed inside. Comic book fans took advantage of the PHP 50.00 back issue sale, myself included, so it was a very tight squeeze.

Also at the FCBD were Pinoy comic book artists Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, who signed copies of their new collaboration Ultimate Avengers 2 #1. Ed Tadeo was also there as well as a surprise appearance from Jay Anacleto, who I had been hoping to meet so I could have my Aria comics signed. Too bad I missed him.

So what free comics did I get? I got the Iron Man and Thor comic book; Artifacts from Image Top Cow and Dark Horse's Doctor Solar and Magnus.

From the Php 50.00 back issues bin I got X-men First Class 8, X-men 36 & 37 (chromium covers) and issue 39; I also picked up Uncanny X-men isuues 283, 284 and 286, as well as House of M 3; and Jim Lee's Divine Right 7 as well as Iron and the Maiden 0 and 4.

I also got this:

Just like last year, I had such a great time at this Comic Odyssey's FCBD. What made it more enjoyable was meeting fellow collectors from Comic Kolektor Phillipines, who were there not only to get free comics and buy back issues, but to reach out and promote the forums to others.

Thanks to Sandy and the Comic Odyssey crew for such a wonderful event. Till next year's Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey!

More photos here.