Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DC Direct Justice League: The New 52 Pre-orders @ Comic Quest

I was on my way to a trading cards store at the mall to buy some 9-card pages for my WildCATS trading cards when I passed by Comic Quest. I went in to look at their toys and saw the fliers for pre-orders for DC Direct's Justice League the New 52 figs. Available for pre-order are Aquaman, Green Lantern and Batman.  Batman will ship in May, to be followed by Aquaman and GL in June. Pre-order price is Php 895.00, if I remember correctly.

I haven't placed an order yet but I'm definitely getting an Aquaman, as out of the entire line, his sculpt is the one I liked best. I'm also planning on getting Wonder Woman, the Flash and probably Supes and Batman. I'm still not sure if I'll be ordering GL and Cyborg, though.