Monday, February 6, 2012

HAULS: 1993 WildCATS Trading Cards

They're finally here! My set of WildCATS trading cards arrived 2 days ago. I asked my brother to order this set for me from Ebay , which was roughly Php300.00 give or take.

These came out sometime in 1993, and features artwork taken from the first four issues of WildCATS. These were done by one of my favorite comic book artist of all time- Jim Lee. But aside from his work, this card set also features artwork from other Image Comics artists of that time, such as Sal Regla, Brett Booth and Marc Silvestri

This set that I got is a complete base set of 100 cards, and does not include the special prism cards. I'm perfectly fine with not getting the prism cards, because it is quite hard to find a full set. Anyways, I'm sure a set of those prism cards would eventually show up on Ebay, so I'm keeping my eyes open.