Sunday, March 11, 2012

HAULS: Wonder Woman #10 and Catwoman #70

I got me these two some months back when I went to the mall. I  meet up with some buds to get some stuff and the plan was not to spend a cent; it was supposed to be just pick-up and go home.  But a trip to two comic book stores, one in the mall and the other at the building across, found me spending some dough. Catwoman #70 and Wonder Woman #10 are both part of the Amazon's Attack mini-series which I'm trying to complete. Both were bargain finds: Catwoman for Php 30.00 and Wonder Woman for Php 50.00.

Getting these brings me much closer to finally completing the series. All I need now are 2(?) more Catwoman titles and Amazon's Attack #2. I've read the comments and yes, I know that some think Amazon's Attack sucked. I'm still not passing judgement until I've completed  all the issues and begin reading.

Till then, the hunt continues!