Monday, July 26, 2010

The Comic Odyssey and Planet X 3-day Sale Day Haul and Report

* A really, really delayed post*

Here are my hauls and report of the Comic Odyssey and Planet X 3-day sale last May. The post is a *bit* delayed because it totally slipped my mind to write a post until I saw the photos of my hauls.

Day 1 loot
I started Day 1 at the Comic Odyssey store in Robinson's Galleria. I tried to go as early as I could, as the plan was to be there  just as the mall opened so I could be the first to get my hands on the comics . But you know what they say about the best laid plans... I got there shortly after 12 noon.  

Fathom #1
It's a good thing I came in at lunch time, I guess, because there weren't that many people yet in the store. I had the freedom to move around and move on to the next bin without having to wait my turn. I was actually expecting a huge crowd to be there at that time, much like the one during FCBD.  I found fellow CKP'ers J.C. and Dustin at the store, although I can't really remember if it was me who came first or them. 

X-men and Spider-man #1
All the issues in the back issue bins were sold for Php 50.00 each; the 20 peso comic bin seemed like it was recently replenished with new stock as well. 

After paying for everything we decided to hit the Planet X store at Glorietta in Makati. We took the train to cut some time and got there fairly quickly.The store wasn't crowded either. Maybe it was still too early or that it was a weekday, I don't know. It was favorable to me anyway.  The discounts at the store were pretty much the same as Comic Odyssey's.

I had to bolt soon after we were done with Planet X, as I had a meeting I needed to get to. But I think J.C. and Dustin headed to the Comic Odyssey branch in Robinson's Place in Ermita after we parted ways.
Day 2 Loot
I can't remember what I got from where, only that the majority of my purchases on day 1 was from Comic Odyssey. Most of what I got were Divine Right issues. I also bought some House of M, Fathom #1, the Mighty Avengers 23, and X-men Timestorm #1. Another title has made it's way into my list when I picked up issue #1 of X-men and Spiderman.

Masters of the Universe #1
One of the best finds I would say from this store is Master's of the Universe #1. For about a year now, I've been trying to collect that mini-series and that issue was the one I needed to complete it. I also found a Soulfire: Dying of the Light #5, the last issue for that mini-series.

Other titles I picked up were some X-men , Divine Right as well as Storm issues. Content with what I found, I left for their branch in Ortigas hoping to score myself an X-men#1 Cover E. I saw 2 of it the day before but put it back in the bin because  I was undecided whether I should buy it or not. I already had one at home, but upon further reflection I decided it wouldn't hurt to have another copy. I thought "hey, it's only 50 bucks after all." 

Both weren't there anymore, but lucky for me Sandy had an extra copy stashed somewhere. There were more people in the store than the previous day, so I only stayed for bit. After Sandy gave me my issue, and chatting with his wife for a bit, I paid and left. On my way home, I passed by the Planet X  in Trinoma but didn't find anything from my list. 

And that's it. Another fun weekend spent at the comic book shops looking for great bargains.