Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photos From Summer Komikon 2014 and TAGCOM 2014

One day. Two events. Both happening at the same time.

That was the dilemma. My friends and I decided to hit both events.We first went to Komikon and afterwards went on to TAGCOM.


The Philippine's Komiks Convention's Summer Komikon was held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig city. My friends and I planned on going as early as 10 but I think we actually made it there at a little after 1 PM. The entrance fee was still Php 100, same as it was the year before.

Here are some photos form inside venue.

Let's pop back outside to go to the main hall. 

Along one wall of the corridor were tables where some attendees were doing sketches and opposite that were some booths, the biggest of which was National Bookstore's. 

They had shelves and tables full of discounted  graphic novels and collected editions of Marvel and DC comics. Right next to this booth was the entrance to the main hall, where most of the action took place.

I got some stuff but I can't remember what they are except for a poster of Arrow from Comic Odyssey's booth. I do wish that I got some of the prints because there were a lot of beautifully done art prints there for sale. But alas, most of the ones i wanted were out of my budget.


TAGCOM 2014 was held at one of the Megatrade Halls of SM Megamall. We went right after going to Komikon. I believe it was  the first time the event was held there. In previous years, it has always been held at the Atrium of Robinson's Place Manila.

Another first was the entrance ticket at the gate. One ticket cost Php 150 if I remember correctly, as opposed to it being free back when it was still held at Robinsons.

I didn't really take a lot of pics because it was a very small venue. I took mostly pics of toys because toys were the predominant products available, but there some booths that sold comics. I also didn't stay long because it was already late. After buying a few comics and a bootleg lego, I hauled my tired ass home.

Below are some pics I took.

And that's it! Two events in one day. Pretty tiring actually, but none the less, it was fun because I had some good company.