Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BACKLOG BLUES: Photos From The 12th Philippine Toys, Games and Hobbies Convention

It's June once again and that means 3 things over here. 1) Summer is over and the rainy season is coming; 2) Classes resume and 3) IT'S TIME FOR TOYCON!!!

It was thoughts about the upcoming 2014 TOYCON that brought the realization  I haven't posted the photos from TOYCON 2013 yet.  They've been sitting in a folder in my hard drive for almost a year now, untouched and forgotten, until I uncovered them while I was sorting through my photo files these past couple of days. So here they are now-- better late than never right? 

There were lots of customized toys on display and I just loved these custom X-men Marvel Universe figures the best:


What is a con without people in costume right? So why don't I  throw some cosplayers in the mix? Here are  Supergirl, Captain America and Red Mask. 

There you have it. TOYCON 2013 was a blast, and I'm hoping this year's TOYCON will be just as great.