Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Hobby Expo at the Riverbanks Center

Last weekend, my toy pals and I decided to hit the Hobby Expo at The Riverbanks Center in Marikina. I was also supposed to meet 2 other friends, but I got there late and by the time I arrived, they were already gone.

First booth I saw even before getting my ticket was a comic book booth which I strongly felt was Comic Odyssey. So I paid for my ticket-- 20 pesos- and made a beeline to the said booth, and surprise, surprise, it was Comic Odyssey! Honestly, I was surprised to see them there because I thought this would be just an all- toy fair. They didn't have a lot of comics to sell  like they did at the recent Komikon ( which I have yet to blog about-- I am seriously backlogged). There were probably just 6 or 8 boxes. So I did what I do best and scoured the boxes and found myself these lovelies:

Mostly, I searched for stuff that are on my list, ( which I forgot to bring with me... again) like the Astonishing X-men #4 which I wasn't able to get at the Komikon. I thought I already had one, but it turns out I didn't. Most of the comics I got were thin graphic novels like Stray, a tale of a struggling actress and a dog possessed by an alien who are out to save the worldfrom evil alien invaders; Marvel Select's Inner Demons Tales of the Marvels which is a painted graphic novel of an amnesiac Namor and the bond he made with an alcoholic. I also got Rail by Dave Dorman from Image comics and book 2 of Batman/ Grendel Devil's Masque. I was looking for book 1 but they only had book 2. They had a buy 5-get-1-free promo so for the free comic I got The Marvel X-men collection which features artwork from the X-men card series done by Jim Lee. I already have a copy which I got at the Komikon, but I wanted another one so I can have some of the pages framed.

After getting my comics I wandered around the venue to check out what the other stalls had. Most of the sellers sold toys and other collectibles like Coca-Cola merchandise, Japanese cds and magazine, toy cars, action figures and plushies. There was also a booth that sold dog tags and costumes. In the corner of the venue was an area for RC collectors where a drifting contest was had.

The Cosplay Got Talent program started as I was going around. Cosplayers were going around the venue posing for photos. the program started off with a bidding game for several items like original dvds and toys. There was also a bring me contest, where I won for myself a Resident Evil baseball cap. I was in a corner wiping sweat from by forehead with my red hanky when he said "bring me a red hanky!" I went running to the stage and gave him my wet hanky hahahahahaha!

There really wasn't much to see, so after going around for a bit, we decided to leave and head on to Cubao, where my friend went on a toy shopping spree!