Monday, April 19, 2010

4th Tagcom Toys & Hobbies Convention Report

Late post is late. Very late. LOL.

The 4th Tagcom Toys & Hobbies Convention was the first hobby convention I went to this year. The convention was held at the Atrium of Robinson Midtown Mall in Malate on February 27 and 28. Admission was free.

As usual, I went to look just for comics, and to check out the cosplay. I was a bit dismayed to learn that there weren't as many stalls selling comics at this year's con.

Day 1 was pretty much uneventful cosplay wise. There weren't as many cosplayers as I expected to see because I later found out that there were other cosplay events on that day. The selling area wasn't as packed as expected too. I didn't find it hard to move around because there weren't too many people. It was a somewhat of a good day comics wise because I managed to get some great titles from Comic Odyssey's booth:

X-men #19 and 29; Iron and the Maiden #2; Divine Right #6; Necromancer #2; Superman The Man of Steel #112, Xtreme X-men In the Savagelands #4, and Marvel Knights Black Widow #1. I saw some House of M and other Divine Right issues, but two other people beat me to them!

I returned on Day 2 in hopes that CO would restock their bins with more House of M and Divine Right issues and what greeted me was mayhem! The Atrium was jam-packed with people-- con goers and cosplayers alike! The turn out was a hundred times more than day 1. Among the many costumed people in the venue, one really stood out to me:

I don't know what or who he was cosplaying as, but he's definitely dressed up as a vagrant. Down to the bags of trash, cans and plastic bottles.

Comic Odyssey's booth didn't restock House of M and Divine Right, so I trooped to their store to buy some bags and boards for the comics I got the day before. I got to talking with Sandy of Comic Odyssey as I was scouring the sale bin about the titles I was looking for. He asked to see my list and started looking for them and managed to find me these:

Aria #4 and Necromancer #3! He gave me a pretty good discount on these. Thanks so much Sandy! You are the best!

And with that my day at the 4th Tagcom Toys & Hobbies ended. I went home tired, but with a smile on my face.