Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent Ebay Purchases

I constantly go on to look for good deals on titles that are missing in my collection. It was a little over a month ago that I went online and made some purchases from one Ebay store. Though I have purchased through Ebay before, that time would be my first using my own account. My previous purchases were handled by my brother using his account, as all the items I wanted to purchase were from the UK, where my brother lives. He had them delivered to his address, and brought them with him when he came home last year. That I way, I saved on an otherwise huge shipping fee.

Going back on topic, it was a little over a month ago that I went on to look for X-men comics. I keyed in "X-men comics" in the search bar and perused the results that turned up. one item in particular caught my attention due to it's low price. I clicked and the page opened to the item page. It was marked "Buy It Now" for PHP 45.00. The item was an issue of X-men First Class. That's how I discovered Beautysouq.

Intrigued by the low price of the item, I clicked the link to the seller's main store page and checked out her Comics section. There I found the subcategory I wanted to see-- X-men. So I clicked on it and lo and behold all the X-men comics were on sale for PHP 45.00 pesos each! It turns out the store was having a sale so all of the comics in her store were all going for PHP 45.00. Looking back on the subcategories turned up a very unexpected surprise--an issue of Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #26, one of two Ghost Rider issues that are on my list. Shipping was actually very cheap. All the comics you want for PHP 50.00!

To make a long story short, I ended up buying 10 comic books from Beautysouq. I got X-men First Class # 1, 2, 4, and 7; as well as X-men Deadly Genesis #3 and a still bagged X-men #16. Also part of my purchase were Uncanny X-men # 287, 288, and 289. Rounding it out is Ghost Rider # 27, which is part of an X-men-Ghost Rider crossover. The items came bagged and boarded and were shipped out moments after I posted my payment. The comics were delivered the next day. In total, I paid PHP 500 for everything, including the shipping fee. Not a bad deal I think, as these comics are still in great condition.