Saturday, February 13, 2016

I Went to TOYCON 2015 and All I Bought Were Comics

First post for 2016!

Yes. I went to TOYCON and bought comics. Plus a magazine, a few postcards and some trading cards, too. Okay, I actually bought some toy-related accessories: a couple of Marvel Legends flight stands. But enough about the flight stands, let's get to the comics and everything else that I got.

First up are the comic books and magazine that I got at Comic Odyssey's booth. Every year they have a massive booth filled with good stuff. This year was no exception.

From the Php 20.00 peso boxes, I got Tales of the Witchblade #7 and #9. I also got Supurbia #4 and The Tomb of Dracula #4.

I've always had a soft spot for The Witchblade so I'm always on the look out for her books when scouring the boxes at cons. Tales of the Witchblade is a miniseries from Topcow that tells the tale of this amazing weapon and the women who have been chosen to bear it. It's a 10-issue miniseries, with 9 regular issues and one  1/2 issue from Wizard Magazine. As of this posting I have 4 issues in my possession: these two,  plus #1 and 6.

Tomb of Dracula #4 is the final issue of a 4-part miniseries that I've been trying to complete. I already have 1,2, and 3 so now I can finally finish the story! Likewise, Supurbia #4 is also the final issue of a miniseries that I've started to collect last year. I got into it when my bud Drew gave me the first issue along with a bunch of other free comics he got at FCBD. So now, I have 1,2 and 4. One more to go!

I found Atlantis Rising #1 and #3 in there as well. I just love the cover art on that #1! I wish they had 2 copies available, though, so I can frame the other one. I got into this title because I'm a sucker for anything with Atlantis in it, so I dived right in when I found the 2nd issue from a previous convention. I believe this title only has 5 issues, so I'm just two issues away from a completed run! By the way, doesn't the woman on the cover look like a certain Hollywood actress?

Rounding out the comic book purchases is WildCATS vol. 1 #1. I found this in the Php 50.00 boxes. This is probably my third copy of this issue, fourth if you count the one I lent and never got back, back in the the late 90's. I got this because I was mostly after the  cover and trading cards inside.

I've been wanting to take them out, frame and hang them on the wall for the longest time;  I've actually bought  a few comics in the past with that in mind.

So those are the comics. Let's move on to the other stuff.

I found  this Wizard special on Fathom among the Php 50.00 magazine pile they were selling. I think it's a compilation of several features about Fathom and everything else related to it from previous issues of Wizard. I couldn't pass it up since I'm a fan of the late Michael Turner's work.

These beautiful Liselle postcards were from artist Lisa Lee who was a special guest artist at TOYCON. There were about 6 or 8 designs of these postcards and these 3 were my top choices. She also had  printed t-shirts, boxed sets, and framed prints of her work available. As much as I wanted to get the framed prints, they were a bit out of my budget so I opted to get the smaller versions. Hopefully, I'd be able to get my hands on a print someday. But for now, these would do. These would look just as pretty in a frame.

Lastly, here are the trading cards that I got from a booth that sold only trading cards. I've loved trading cards when I was a kid, especially the ones from Marvel so any chance I can find them at a good price, I still buy them. The booth had complete sets and loose cards for sale. I leafed through the loose cards and got the ones that I liked.  I should say "I liked the most" because, I'll be honest, I wanted everything in sight!

They're mostly Marvel trading cards, with the exception of the two Wonder Woman cards from DC. I've never owned any DC trading cards; growing up, most of the cards I owned were all Marvel. And if there was any one character from the DC Universe whose trading card I had to have, it would be Wonder Woman.

So that's it. I didn't get a lot, but what I got at TOYCON was plenty enough to satisfy my geeky heart.

Come check out some pics I took from the 2015 TOYCON here.