Friday, November 25, 2011

EVENTS: Harvey Tolibao's DARE TO DRAW

I love Harvey Tolibao. He's fun, wacky, and an over-all nice guy. And he draws really well, too. The pic above is a sketch  he did in my notebook at the 2011 Toycon last July. He ran out paper so I handed him my notebook for him to sketch on. Incidentally, this is my first sketch by a Marvel Comics artist. XD

Tomorrow, he takes on the public with "DARE To DRAW" at Vinyl+Splash at Fully Booked BHS. Something Harvey Tolibao fans shouldn't miss!

Harvey Tolibao's DARE TO DRAW 
5th Flr, Fully Booked BHS
November 26, 2011
10 Am to 6 PM
Admission is FREE