Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recent Ebay Purchases 2

Remember this packet that came in the mail last month? See what's inside after the jump.

 Here's what's inside:

I've bought an X-men #30 when it first came out back in the 90's, but I lent it to someone and never got it back. At that time, I already lost much interest in comics so I never really cared that I never got it back. Now that my love for comics has been rekindled, I've been looking for it like crazy.

I've been looking for an X-men #30 in conventions and local comic book shops, but my searches haven't been fruitful. I've been going on Ebay for the last couple of months, searching for this issue. While I have found quite a lot, most are from sellers overseas so that would mean a huge shipping fee would be imposed on my order. So I decide to wait for one to be available locally.

And my waiting paid off! I was on ebay one evening when I came across a local listing for this issue. It was listed by Ebay seller donamps, and it was just for Php 99.00! Checking the listing, the item was listed as VF, which was okay with me. Without much hesitation I clicked " Buy It Now", for fear of losing it to someone else if I hesitated. Checking out his other listings, I found three other titles that are on my list: Uncanny X-men 317, Spawn and Wildcats #3 and the Firestar one-shot which came out a few months ago. I wasn't able to get a copy of the Firestar one shot at the lcs because stocks were limited. I got it for Php 99.00. The Uncanny X-men 317, part 3 of the Phalanx Covenant was only, get this, only Php 49.00! The Spawn and Wildcats crossover was Php 59.00.

I also got me an X-men vs. Dracula #1 for Php 59.00. All comics were shipped bag and boarded.

Getting the Uncanny X-men #317 completes my Phalanx Covenant : Generation Next, and the Spawn/ Wildcats #3 gets me halfway through completing the limited series.

What I love about the items this seller has, aside form the low pricing, is the condition of the items themselves.   The comics are still in good shape; the listed condition in the description isn't far from what the actual product looks like. Those, coupled with a very low shipping fee of Php 50.00 for the entire order, as well as good customer service by the seller, is a sure guarantee that I will order from him once again. I'm already watching a couple more items in his store as I post this.